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TheSting said:
I only listen to ppl who have put a lot of time in the games I play. H5 is a very good game and I'm having fun trying to get all the helmets and armor. I've yet to finish the campaign so i can't speak on it but from what I've played it's decent. Kinda lost in the story tho.

I wouldn't listen to anyone here who doesn't even have the system nor game they're being critical of. Lots of Gaf opinions brought over here like it's their on. Hilarious

I'm with u. I've beaten the game once and I'm Sr. Level 40 dimond in 3 playlists and onyx in 3. It's a great game the mp is a 10/10 for me the sp is probably a 8.25/10. If u don't know the lore it can be hard to follow. Love the cutscenes tho, and the openness of the game.

Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.