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Kai Master said:
OneKartVita said:

Would you mind doing an analysis between this launch and the previous launches?

BTW when comparing halo to other Xbox titles digital isn't much of a factor because those titles had digital too.

And Halo likely got much more bundles then them. Which is an advantage over the others. For example halo 5 will be bundle with a lot of Xbox's but black ops 3 won't.

I would have, but it takes too much time. I would also like to analyse the percentage of the installed base for the launches, etc. I think I'm a bit lazy ^^

From what I've seen, this Halo launch is weak (the worst of all Halo launches but better than Halo: MCC).

I think your analysis should focus on why halo is now weak and cod dominant.  Halo 3 was the peak but it launch before cod fever took over.  Cod4 launched shortly after halo 3 and slowly turned into the king of shooters.  Mw2 sealed it's fate as the king.