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Goodnightmoon said:

Are you really that simple?
- snip -

Yeah. Reviewers are to blame for splatton. They should have a time machine to review the game when it has full contents. How stupid reviewers can be. Come on. Why on earth they give score to a game with the contents they got at that time. They should always go time travel.

SMM: Best creation tool ever made? Even heard of Garrys mod? Or LBP's 6 million user created contents (half of Wii U's install base).

All I hear XCX / Splaton. Lol. This is how people thinks of water while living is desert. While having no games to play one decent looking game looks like gold mine. Cant blame. Lolz.

Compared to some so called "quality" Wii U exclusives PS4 will have Japanese AAA support (Nintendo never had it in a long time) forget Western suppoet. I dont want to mention first party exclusives (let alone Japanese AAA exclusives and Western exclusives) because it will be embarrassing for Wii U.