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daredevil.shark said:
Goodnightmoon said:
daredevil.shark said:
It represents the "Quality" of recent Wii U games. They are poorly made with low budget. Wii U games are scarce and whatever they are of very poor quality.

Tell that to Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi´s Woolly World and XCX

How many good games has made Sony this year though? Bloodborne and... Until dawn? oh an none of those are really sony games :/

Even in their lowest year they have delivered more than others. The real difference is third party support that can make a console look good even if its developer does not make a single game, but that´s a problem that cannot be fixed already, not for this console at least.


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I will reserve my comparison with Wii U's third year with PS4's third year. As for games, PS4 had probably more game games this year that Wii U got in its lifetime. Lol.




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