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It represents the "Quality" of recent Wii U games. They are poorly made with low budget. Wii U games are scarce and whatever they are of very poor quality.

Tell that to Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi´s Woolly World and XCX

How many good games has made Sony this year though? Bloodborne and... Until dawn? oh an none of those are really sony games :/

Even in their lowest year they have delivered more than others. The real difference is third party support that can make a console look good even if its developer does not make a single game, but that´s a problem that cannot be fixed already, not for this console at least.


Splatoon aka Vocal Minorities GOTY (LOLZ) - Meta 81

Super Mario Maker aka Some random game / creation tool - Meta 88

Wooly world aka Little big planets "theme" rip off - Meta 78

I will reserve my comparison with Wii U's third year with PS4's third year. As for games, PS4 had probably more game games this year that Wii U got in its lifetime. Lol.

Little Big Planet, which people apparently stopped caring about.

Yes, the PS4 has had more games, but how many of those were first-party? And for that matter, how many of said first-party Sony games were even memorable?

The Last of Us? All flash with mostly cutscenes as opposed to actual gameplay.

Need I remind you of Knack?

who cares if a game is third party or first party?

When people buy consoles, they don't think "man sony is really bad at first party games, better go with the wii u." Instead they think "the ps4 has a ton of great games, better go with that."

Point is, Sony spent their money better in investing in third parties. The consumer doesn't care if they are the best or worst developer, the consumer cares if the consoles has the best games.