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daredevil.shark said:
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daredevil.shark said:
It represents the "Quality" of recent Wii U games. They are poorly made with low budget. Wii U games are scarce and whatever they are of very poor quality.

Tell that to Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi´s Woolly World and XCX

How many good games has made Sony this year though? Bloodborne and... Until dawn? oh an none of those are really sony games :/

Even in their lowest year they have delivered more than others. The real difference is third party support that can make a console look good even if its developer does not make a single game, but that´s a problem that cannot be fixed already, not for this console at least.


Splatoon aka Vocal Minorities GOTY (LOLZ) - Meta 81

Super Mario Maker aka Some random game / creation tool - Meta 88

Wooly world aka Little big planets "theme" rip off - Meta 78

I will reserve my comparison with Wii U's third year with PS4's third year. As for games, PS4 had probably more game games this year that Wii U got in its lifetime. Lol.

Are you really that simple?

-Splatoon: It was released with a 30% of the content it has now, and the only major criticism about the game was.... yes the content, it was more shallow than Star Wars Battlefornt and still was good enough to have a very solid score. Now with 15 maps, +80 weapons, +150 pieces of gear, 4 online modes and 2 new matchmaking options the game would be easily at the same score of Mario kart 8 (88) even IGN did a re-review of the game recently giving the game 7 points more than it had. Also 3 Goty nominations for a new IP like this and the fact that is the most popular online shooter of japan history says something about the game. Splatoon would have sold around 15 milions on Wii going by the attach rate, is certainly not a irrelevant game, at all.

-Super Mario Maker: It is actually the second best rated exclusive of the year, and that score is even higer than Fallout 4 (that is a brilliant game) and is considered one of the best creation tools ever done and the most fun one. 1 Milion sold on 3 weeks in the lowest selling Nintendo console ever and a nomination for best game of the year make it everything but a random game.

-Yoshi´s Woolly World: It has actually around the same score of Until Dawn, the second best Ps4 exclusive this year, and the third over all, and the general opinion is that is the best Yoshi game since Yoshi´s island, a game higly acclaimed as one of the best platformers ever. And a rip off of what?

^ This is Yoshi's Story, a game from 1997 already showing the textile aesthetics. Who ripped who?

-And of course XCX is a heavily ambitious rpg that any lover of the genre should play, and is only for WiiU.

In order for Ps4 to have a better first party line up it has to release enough good exclusive games to go against Bayonetta 2, Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, The Wonderfull 101 and all the games mentioned above. It will eventually because the life of the console will be longer, but let´s not forget that next year WiiU has #FE, Pokken and specially Zelda. It will take a while.