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walsufnir said:
LurkerJ said:
TR numbers are AWFUL.

MS has a year from now to keep selling it and advertising it though. I don't think they paid for exclusivity just to sit by and watch the game selling like crap, so I am expecting bundles and legs. I can't believe Phil thought he got something that rivals Uncharted with this

I don't think they are that different to each other in terms of quality.

I think both are awful games, especially when you compare the reboot to the PS1 TR2/3, those games were in a leauge of their own. The freedom of exploration was thrown out of the window with the reboot just to unchartify it. Maybe that changed with the new exclusive TR? Didn't care enough to check. But good for the rest gamers, judging by the reviews and sales, they seem happy with the new direction that the reboot took.