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ssj12 said:

I know im going to be flamed in every way for this but seriously think about it, does any Wii games other then maybe Zelda or Metroid really bring you into the action, or make you envision yourself as the character? I know the SNES and N64 did but I've played a lot of GC games, none really pulled me in (starfox kinda did). 

I hate to go back on topic (God, I hate it when I do that), but how did RE4 not pull you in? I thought it was the greatest horror game ever created. I was shouting at the TV for the first 20 minutes or so. After that it settled in but the experience of those 20 minutes rank up there with any gaming experience I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the game was great but those first 20 minutes are unforgettable.

And this is coming from a devout RE-hater. After RE2, I thought the series went to hell in a handbasket. Silent Hill and a few others surpassed the series until RE4 hit. It bothers me that they're going back to Umbrella with RE5 when they had such a great thing going with the new direction. 

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