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ethomaz said:
Dark_Feanor said:
No sales numbers brackdown, this is almost word for word the same thing Microsoft said about Halo sales. And you guys realy are assuming hardware revenue is not included.

tsc, tsc, tsc...

That´s so cute.

Off course Activision gets a piece of each bundle sold. Michael Pachter says it MS and Sony have to pay $40-50 for each third party game bundled.

It is the same PR posted in previous CoD... shipment sales reveune without any hardware counted.

Just stop.

The MS Halo PR was a shame of spin because the game sold way way way less than previous Halo.

Try as you might ethomaz.

But Microsoft always included hardware revenue when talking about Halo first days sales. At least since Halo 3. How do you know harware, or at least Activison share of each bundle, is not included this time.

You should have followed that Neogaf thread more throughly. We are now just in a era of heavy scrutiny for anything MS related.

Unless you belive Activision is giving bundles for free there is no reason to assume part of it is into the $500mi.