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SvennoJ said:
ganoncrotch said:

Do you mean the fans were louder with windows 7? if that is the case then it could be that win10 is having some issues talking to the temp sensors in the laptop and telling the fans not to bother reacting to it overheating. In a laptop btw even a basic enough game will heat up the cpu a good deal if it doesn't have a dedicated gpu.

The fan is still speeding up and slowing down, yet with win 7 and Firefox the fans have been going at high speed for long times while heating up anything next to the laptop considerably with the exhaust. (Good to keep your coffee warm lol) It's running a lot quieter now, yet turning off randomly. I've felt it a lot hotter too before. It doesn't have a dedicated gpu.

Ah, it just did it. I pressed escape to go back to the menu in Portal 2. Fan speed was normal. Laptop doesn't feel that hot. It just turned off.
No clue. It boots back up from scratch with no info about restoring from a crash or anything, as if it was properly shut down all the way. Portal 2 is not a good example anyway, doesn't run very well. I'll let Terraria run for a while next.

Well if the fans were heating up the stuff around them it is them working properly, if the heat is being shot out of the laptop that is good for it, you could try one of 2 things first, turn off the laptop and put something like a tooth pick into the blades of the laptops fan (to jam it to stop it from being able to spin loosely) and then use compressed air to blow down the vents at the back (you can do it by blowing yourself, but make damn sure that you don't have any spit in your mouth that you could blow into it, dry = win) second thing you could try would be to go into the BIOS of the laptop and find the area related to performance monitoring, check if there is an area relating to cpu

you could try putting this up by a degree or 5 and see if that stops the amount of times that it auto turns off, especially if you are sure that the underside of the laptop isn't actually dangerously hot.

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