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ssj12 said:

I know im going to be flamed in every way for this but seriously think about it, does any Wii games other then maybe Zelda or Metroid really bring you into the action, or make you envision yourself as the character? I know the SNES and N64 did but I've played a lot of GC games, none really pulled me in (starfox kinda did).


 Spent so much time on the first part I completely forgot to mention this: has the PS3 done that yet?  I know there were Gamecube and PS2 games (and even NES and SNES games) that pulled me in but there hasn't been anything for the PS3 that would do that to me yet.  As for the Wii, they have RE4 (but I suppose you're not going to count that for good enough reasons) and Rayman's style actually pulled me in.  Super Paper Mario had an absolutely amazing style that can not be ignored that pulled you into the game as well.