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Here I come bros. Yeah. Love it or hate me. Here is my prediction about Uncharted 4 sales; which is quite given how PS4 is popular and franchise popularity. But still this is an itneresting topic.

Uncharted 4:

FW sales - 5 - 6 million. (Its sold. If shipped then it might be bigger)

LT - 15+ Million.


On a side note.

Uncharted series total sales in PS3 (Mainline home console series) - 21 Million.

Uncharetd 3 - 3.8 million units in day one (Shipped).


My other predictions.

PS4 sales.

PS3 sales V2.

PS4 sales V3.

NX Prediction.


This is under SONY DISCUSSION. If you guys want to derail then do it elsewhere. Thank you.