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Moneybags said:
Stockstar1138 said:
Moneybags said:
It would make even more sense that this game will come to ps3 now after hearing this news. More publicity and fans ya know. What do you think sc?

i don't know. its universal making it which is owned by NBC and NBC and MS have very close ties.

You got a point there but NBC always plays those, "Hi, im a mac" commersials.


 that doesn't mean anything, they will give airtime to whoever pays them.  i highly doubt that NBC said to MS we'll do a bioshock movie as long as it comes out on PS3 too.  I think it probably went more like, MS saying to NBC, hey you wanna have Universal do a Bioshock movie, well help pay for it, because it will increase sales even more for our exclusive game, and could be a system seller still and you can have the profits of the film.