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it seems the halo effect is dying out, as most bundles are going down the charts, except for the fallout 4 bundle, which will continue to rise.

i also just realized that the CoD and Starwars bundles will count this month. so now PS4 has 3 leading SKU's. even though 2 arent released yet.

what i think will happen.

CoD bundle will rise, probably over take the ND bundle at its peak, or get close. after release it will start to drop, not too fast, but not too slow either.

as we get closer to release of starwars, the LE and SE bundle will rise, and it will mark the drop for the NDC bundle, at release the LE bundle will be the top selling PS4 SKU, with the SE not too far away behind it, both above the NDC bundle. but shortly after, the SE bundle will rise to the top. and the LE bundle will start to drop off like the CoD bundle

the Starwars LE bundle will be the lead PS4 SKU after launch till the end of the year. the NDC bundle will however around the 70-90 range.

The CoD bundle will run out of stock. (unless sony wants this to be around all holidays). if it doesnt, it will be close to the NDC bundle. its too expensive to be a top seller for the holidays. 80$ more than the starwars bundle.

The SW LE bundle (if sony decides it stock it properly). will drop down to the 40's-50s range by the time the movie comes along. which will give it a nice bump, but not a long lived one. as the Starwars Standard Edition will be the dominant sales leader.