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"We’re doing that. It hasn’t been announced, but it will be soon. And can I just further add to the mystique and say that it’s big. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done. And it’ll come out this year, and I hope it won’t disappoint." February 27, 2015


Aside from a couple of quotes, there has been no progress mentioned or shown. Their words mean nothing if they have nothing to show for it

At end of February they said that game will be released this year, that means that game basically was almost finished.

Once again, words mean nothing if you can't back them up. If the game was near completion as they claimed, then they would have shown something by now. Especially for e3, you know, with all the other 2015 wii u games. They didn't show anything else, nor have they given more details, meaning they either hit a bump in the road, or gave up

Why would say that at all if that wasn't true!?

Game was probably near complete, but there was some change of plan, maybe its 2016. title now or maybe its NX game now.

"yeah guys, wii u version of project cars looks great" -slightly mad studio -> ended up cancelling project cars for wii u

"we at ea are creating a new strong relationship with Nintendo for the wii u" - ea -> ended up cancelling crysis 3 for wii u despite it being complete

There are many things that could go wrong. Just because someone says that something is near finished does not mean it is so. They could just be saying it for publicity. The only source of info for claiming their game is complete comes from themselves. That is nowhere near promising. All this could have been fixed by giving so much as a screenshot.