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Miyamotoo said:
midrange said:

-Destiny is not hardcore, and it's rated T, so I don't see the problem. FPS does not equal hardcore.

-Portal 2 was fairly big since launch. Likewise, the could go for a remaster, not just a stright port, that in itself would let the claim it is still their biggest project

-Games get cancelled all the time despite substantial work being put into something. Crysis 3 was near completed for the wii u but was not released for reasons. Ubisoft had a completed wii u game that did not release for certain reasons. There is nothing that prohibits tantulus from cancelling a game despite work being put into it. Likewise, there is nothing that indicates that they haven't cancelled the game. We haven't seen a trailer, we haven't seen gameplay, and we haven't even been given a name. This happened with project cars, where we had little to no info about the wii u version, and despite some wishful thinking, the game got cancelled

-Destiny is hardcore FPS.

-Portal 2 is smaller game than Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex.

-Yes, but Crysis 3 was simple Wii U port, this title is a complete rework of the old game not just a remastered, game was in work more than 2 years in work. Maybe its moved for NX, but I don't think it completely canceled. Also, Project Cars for Wii U is very likely moved for NX like Slithly Mad Studios said.

-Saying all that, TP HD fits pretty good with infos we have about Tantalus project.

-Destiny is rated T and not hardcore. What about it makes it hardcore? Not all shooters are hardcore...

-The game itself does not have to be huge. If they are doing a remaster of portal 2, then that can still be considered their biggest  project seeing as how it's better than a simple port (mass effect 3 and deus ex)

-Once again, there is nothing stopping the game from being canceled. This may be hard for you to hear, but it is very much a possibility given (a) wii u's install base (b) wii u's audience ( c ) internal development issues

and yes, TP is a possibility, albeit not a very strong one given that we already had a wind waker, ocarina of time, and majora's mask remake this gen.