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kitler53 said:
Hiku said:

So with tax it amounts to $309.59.

ood deal though. Congrats.

Though I always wondered why they don't include tax in the advertised price in Murica.
Is it like that for things like fruit as well?

it's for everything.  just a different system from the VAT system europe uses.  everything is taxed at purchase.  fun part is not all things are taxed at the same rate,.. beer is taxed higher than fruit for instance.  it's always a bit of a mystery what you're going to actually pay when you buy something which is what i like about the VAT system.

Not sure how it is in your state but in Texas most foods (execpt for sodas and candy and prepared food you buy from a restaurant) don't have taxes added to them.  Personal items (shampoo, deodarant, toothpaste etc) are tax free also.