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the-pi-guy said:
kitler53 said:

it's for everything.  just a different system from the VAT system europe uses.  everything is taxed at purchase.  fun part is not all things are taxed at the same rate,.. beer is taxed higher than fruit for instance.  it's always a bit of a mystery what you're going to actually pay when you buy something which is what i like about the VAT system.

Very much depends. 

Most food is not taxed in my state.  

I believe most states don't tax food unless it is prepared such as fast food or a sub that a grocery store put together by a worker at the grocery.  Fruits, veggies, etc... aren't taxed.  So prepared food is taxed but nonprepared isn't.


OT: Looks like a nice deal but would be a little less of a deal if someone didn't have a Target card (only 15 dollars).  So if someone didn't have Target card they would still only have to pay about $330 after tax.