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Lawlight said:
Aielyn said:
Yes, in a country with 24 million people, of which about half a million are Muslims, there has been a total of ONE shooting reported to have anything to do with Islam since the start of the year. But hey, "not another one", right?

Total people killed in Australia by terrorism in 2015? Two.

Incidentally, it wasn't a police officer. It was a police finance worker. It's a minor distinction, but getting your facts straight should always be a primary concern. And truth be told, we have such a low gun-crime rate in Australia that a single case like this gets major news coverage.

Meanwhile, in America, on any given day, typically more than 30 people will be shot and killed. And as a result, the only time the news about it breaks out of the "local" level is when it's a mass shootings... of which there have been almost one per day this year. And that's why Americans probably won't have heard about a non-mass shooting in Australia.

Lawlight, nobody has "glossed over" this shooting. The PM gave a speech about it, spent long times on the phone with people high in the Muslim community discussing strategies to prevent radicalisation, and sparked a more extensive discussion of the situation. Want to see how much coverage it has gotten? Go to news.google.com.au, and do a search for "Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar", which was the name of the teen perpetrator. You'll immediately get hit with a variety of news source links, from SMH, The Australian, ABC, The Australian Financial Review, and a long list of other major news sites. There's 893 articles (at this moment) in the first batch alone. And that's articles reaching back three days to the day it happened - that's right, it has been talked about for THREE days, pretty much constantly, in the media.

Food for thought, anyway.


This shooting has had coverage in Australia but not much elsewhere.

And realistically, why should it? Why should an incident involving 2 deaths be international news? An estimated 150,000 people die every single day. So these 2 deaths represented a little over 1 second of the deaths that occur every day. Someone shot someone, then ended up getting shot. Is it sad? Yes. Would it be better if these things didn't happen? Certainly. Is it in any way relevant to the rest of the world? No.