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Normchacho said:
Nem said:


It is obtuse to say that aswell then. You obviously have the same stance.

Is handball, football? Because its played with a ball aswell? Its 20% football right? That is just ridiculous. No, its not football at all.

And i obviously totally disagree. But if its VR as you see it, then enjoy. Stop trying to tell me its true VR though, because i will not agree with that. 20% VR isnt VR to me, just like 20% football isnt football. Its handball.

That's a bad analogy. Handball doesn't meet the definition of Football. The HMDs coming later this year and next year fit the definition of VR.

It's not just VR to me, it's VR. It is by definition VR. It would be one thing if you had simply said that it's not what you envision when you think of VR, but you didn't just do that. You insisted that because it didn't fit your personal vision of VR that it wasn't VR at all. Even going as far as saying that the people and companies who are working on VR know that it isn't really VR and that they are knowingly lieing to us. "They are trying to sell a lie and they know it"

Whatever you want to call it. 20% VR, 40% VR, still isnt VR. Its exactly 20% or 40% VR. If that is good enough for you and you are good with calling it VR like its 100% VR, its your opinion.

the-pi-guy said:
Nem said:

3D is simply the perception of depth. The 3D on say the 3DS for example is an illusion, but it accomplishes its purpose as its advertised.

Virtual reality as the name implies is an Illusion of reality. Something alot more difficult to accomplish. It can't be accomplished without a full illusion. You have to be able to touch, fool the sense of touch, you have to be able to smell, to taste. We currently only have sound and image with the perception of depth. The new devices simply isolate your sight so you can more easily focus on it. Its not adding anything we didnt have already. They are simply strapping it to our faces, just like have done in the past. They grab the current techbnology and strap it to your head and call it VR.

If its good for some, as i say, props to them. For me, its not, and thats that.

You've used it?  

I've read articles that certain gameplay elements had to be removed because they were too realistic.  If that isn't giving the illusion of reality, then I don't know what would.  We certainly need to add smell and taste, but like I said touch is there in some aspect.  

Besides that, visual is what makes up most of the senses.  

It most certainly is adding something that we haven't seen.  

I'm going to take the word of what people who have actually used it and said, over yours.  


I don't know what you mean Pi. Touch certainly isnt there. Unless you consider it the controller. But you aren't feeling anything but the buttons.

As for people overeacting, theres always someone. I imagine it will be even worse when it releases.