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Nem said:
Normchacho said:

Then i guess 3D isn't really 3D. Because it isn't really three dimensional, but only a illusion of three dimensional space. And the real 3D is real life, which comes and goes... so to say.

3D is simply the perception of depth. The 3D on say the 3DS for example is an illusion, but it accomplishes its purpose as its advertised.

Virtual reality as the name implies is an Illusion of reality. Something alot more difficult to accomplish. It can't be accomplished without a full illusion. You have to be able to touch, fool the sense of touch, you have to be able to smell, to taste. We currently only have sound and image with the perception of depth. The new devices simply isolate your sight so you can more easily focus on it. Its not adding anything we didnt have already. They are simply strapping it to our faces, just like have done in the past. They grab the current techbnology and strap it to your head and call it VR.

If its good for some, as i say, props to them. For me, its not, and thats that.

You've used it?  

I've read articles that certain gameplay elements had to be removed because they were too realistic.  If that isn't giving the illusion of reality, then I don't know what would.  We certainly need to add smell and taste, but like I said touch is there in some aspect.  

Besides that, visual is what makes up most of the senses.  

It most certainly is adding something that we haven't seen.  

I'm going to take the word of what people who have actually used it and said, over yours.