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Note: This only includes games you own. If you don't own it, even though it's released, it doesn't count. But if you would like to include it at the end, go ahead. 

For me, these are the games that I haven't beat the story mode yet. That's what I personaly consider "completing a game"

Wii U:

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition. About 20 hours in and loving every single moment.

Assassin's Creed III. Haven't started it yet but excited to.



Conception II. I am really liking this game, it's just I feel like the battle system is a little broken. But still something I would recommend.


Xbox 360

Lost Odyssey. I have heard great things about this game

Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I started playing this and I am loving it

Tales of Vesperia . Another game I started playing. I haven't played a tales game since Symphonia on the Gamecube and the sequel on the Wii so getting back into the series is interesting. Excited to play through it though.



Metroid Prime Trilogy.. I still need to beat all three lol

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Well, I had this when I was little and got rid of it and then recently found it at Gamestop and decided to get it again. :D




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