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pbroy said:

QFT... Absolutely correct, good sir. Zune failed years ago and was supported till this year. Phil is also looking into bringing OG Xbox games over to BC once 360 BC gets sorted out. M$ really is good at supporting things they failed at. 😉


Oh, come on, if you call what Microsoft did with the Zune actually "supporting it" then you could also say Sony would be supporting the Vita. They let it die a slow and painful death, there weren't any updates since 2011 which would be worth mentioning. With Windows 8 they also abandoned the software and replaced it with Xbox music. A zune player is pretty useless since then, except when you already have some music on it and want to hear it again and again and again and again and again... or something.

As for BC: That's support for the Xbox One, not for the original Xbox. It's not like I can use my old games with that service, can I? No, it's just a bunch of 360 games, who knows if and when there will bei Original Xbox Games. On top of that, my point still stands that they let their console die just three years after release in europe! I mean, come on, three years! That's pretty damn short for a console, especially considering it did cost friggin 479 € at release. 

And those are only two things, there's also Mira, Kin, Windows ME, Windows XP 64 Bit (the support was really bad for that one) and other things. Microsoft isn't throwing money away for products that don't sell. No one in their right mind would do that. Not even the oh so friendly folks at Nintendo.

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