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Flow said:
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Flow said:
Rath said:
naznatips said:
carlos710 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Carlos, you are being really annoying.

One more Sony bias comment and you're banned for 3 days.

See kids, we do our jobs sometimes.

See ? =))

I would like to see how i broke any site rule... some people are saying that this site is Wii biased = no problem.

Someone says that this site is Sony biased = "omg i'm so going to ban you!"


If it makes you feel better you can ban me now =)) i know that i didn't do anything bad so i will feel good with myself regardless of what you do.


6. Website criticism. Just as with platform criticism, do not attack the website with out basis. Reasonable debate based on facts are acceptable, but repeated attacks and negative comments about the website will not be tolerated. People are here to discuss sales numbers, and doing nothing but attacking the site is disruptive to those who are trying to participate in a sales discussion.

Hah, what a burn.

What the hell?

Saying other site calls us Sony biased is bashing the site? So please get someone to ban ioi for posting that thread about neogaf bashing us... Because neogaf said plenty bad things about us but pointing it out is bannable now, isn't it?


Mods are looking for excuses to ban and abusing the power lately, that's my opinion...

Last ban reason i checked didn't even had the thread number anymore...

No, you missed the whole point.

Read it again, I really don't feel like explaining it to you.

As for the ban number, only DKII does that. The other mods only do it occasionally.

As for Foshoryuken, how long have you been on this site? And you're already becoming a huge pain. Sigh, why do the members have to make everything so difficult?

"yeah, unfortunately, i think this site is mostly knowed as "Sony Defense Chartz" around the web now =("

I don't see this as bashing the site, he is saying this is how this site is known around the web, being right or not. And i do think he is.

And i didn't knew about the number, in my opinion it should be on every ban reason.


And thanks for the cookie but i'll take the girl =X

No, he's accusing us of bias.

Look at his earlier posts in the thread instead of that one post.

Anyways, this thread is locked. It's done.