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ioi said:
Well this thread has certainly gone well.

As I've said before, we have mod forums and a mod structure. Decisions are discussed and agreed on as a group so they should be pretty consistent from case to case. If you have a particular issue speak to the head moderators.

Read the rules, obey the rules.

Moderators are unpaid and do this in their own time to help the site run smoothly. I'm sure most would rather not have to jump in and clear up messes but they do to keep things civil and they deserve the respect of the community not criticism because you disagree with a particular decision that was made. We have better mods than any forum I have ever been on and to be honest those who are complaining are making things personal and this is the issue here. Mods are allowed to discuss whatever they want on the site, it does not distract from their moderating duties - the two are seperate. Normally if a mod is involved in a heated discussion another mod will step in to cool things down...

 Woohaa then there are a lot of members with personal issues here.