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carlos710 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Carlos, you are being really annoying.

One more Sony bias comment and you're banned for 3 days.

See kids, we do our jobs sometimes.

See ? =))

I would like to see how i broke any site rule... some people are saying that this site is Wii biased = no problem.

Someone says that this site is Sony biased = "omg i'm so going to ban you!"


If it makes you feel better you can ban me now =)) i know that i didn't do anything bad so i will feel good with myself regardless of what you do.

 A ban for that would be way to harsh imo.  Website criticism? Lolol.

=p  I only wonder where people say that Carlos?  If you make a thread 'What do you think about VGCHARTZ' on any forum you want and of every 10 forums there will be 9 forums where they say this site is full with Wii**** and Wii******* etc...