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noname2200 said:
Chris Hu said:
Good game by Brady great game by Gronk. Pittsburgh could have only lost by one if they actually had a decent kicker.

Or won if their red zone offense wasn't largely abysmal. Overall, the Steelers looked better than expected on offense, but both teams often looked bad on defense.

I think the Patriots' defense genuinely started to look better as time went on. Definitely didn't look good on the first drive, at least up until the trick play, but after that they really started to gel. There were a couple of not so great drives, particularly the one that stalled after a penalty from the one yard line, but overall I thought it was a decent start. This tends to get lost in the offense's early struggles, but it took a while for the Patriots defense to come together last year as well.

All that to say I think calling it bad's a bit harsh. Not great, by any means, but not particularly bad either, especially for the unit's first game together.