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radioioRobert said:

You know, I had a joke thread that got locked down. I based it off the infamous Leo-J "greatest preditcion thread ever", the End of The Wii. I called it the End of the PS3 and copied his thread almost exactly (bad spelling of prediction included), just switched out Wii for PS3 and vice versa. I also switched game titles as well.

What I didn't understand was, Why would you lock down a thread that was obviously a sarcastic play on a fanboy rant, but leave the original open (it's still open now)?

http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?start=0&id=24862 Leo J original

http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?start=50&id=24871 Joke Thread

Of course, after permaban you have to read leo-j's original post in a quoted reply since all his posts have been removed.

Both were started on 4/24, the original is still open, the joke 'answer' thread got locked down in less than 12 hours, with no note from a mod, no pm, and no explanation.

I'd love to understand why stuff like this happens.....

I think the Wii Bingo thread would be locked by today's mod standards.

Indeed, i think the only problem with moderation on this site is that they usually allow Sony fanboys to troll while they don't give the same kind of freedom to Wii/360 owners... i think the mods should come hard at everyone who gets into personal attacks, like most ps3 fans on this site do.




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