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Torillian said:
And you don't think he Grey should be banned for making a controversial title that he knew would end up in a flame war? I mean come on he directly called HD console owners desperate. It's like if I made a title "SMG review scores show Nintendo fans like it up the Butt" and then my actual thread was fine but obviously my title was meant as flame bait. I understand you can't change the title after you've made it, but that's why you should give it a little bit of thought before hand.

I believe I used the term "GTA IV demonstrates HD console userbase desperation", and not "GTA IV demonstrates that all hd console users are desperate"

I realized that some people would possibly take it the way you believed, but didn't realize quite so many people would actually be UNABLE to recognize that I was referring to desperation that existed within a group and didn't at all mean to include every single person of that group. It also reffered to the desperate situation that I felt both reviewers where in by being caught between causal and hardcore gaming focuses, and PS3 and 360 were in with their battle for dominance.

Sorry, that's like a thread that said "SIXAXIS IS CHEAP!!!" and apparently half the people looking at it thought "Hey, sixaxis for sale" and the other people though "oh, hey, sixaxis is of poor quality"

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