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I haven't bought any of the expansions yet, so I'll be getting the disc version of TTK. GameStop's running a promo where you get $20 credit if you trade-in the original Destiny disc for the TTK disc, so that comes out to $40, which is the most cost-effective option. I've basically saved $40 by waiting until now to start playing again. I checked out the changes Bungie has made, and it seems like some of the more aggravating features that drove me away from the game in the first place (I stopped playing before The Dark Below came out) have been fixed. The Vault of Glass was fun, but having to repeatedly grind it just to get the gear needed to level up to rank 30 struck a nerve with me, but the new leveling system seems fine. The game honestly should have been more like this from the get-go. The core combat and gameplay of the game is fun, but that damn loot-based leveling system got to be infuriating. I don't want to feel like I need to play the game, especially having to repeat the same missions over and over, just to avoid falling behind. With lots of new missions released this year to catch up on and an improved leveling system, I think I'll be playing more regularly now.