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Auron said:
gebx said:

Clearly with the recent mod actions, the mods have been told that they need to crackdown on the forums... well thats great and all but you guys arn't consistent. One week everything is allowed, and the next members get banned for the slightest infraction without warning.

We have no clue what threads will get locked or which one won't or what comments/infractions will get you banned

Its like having a Schizoprenic boss and not knowing what the hell will get you fired.

 I agree, i have seen twestern(sp?) warn people for things like saying bad things about an article which is just stupid.

DKII has been banning people for any anti-wii comment.  I love my Wii but some of the comments were not evn bad yet he went on a fanboy tirade and banned people. 

 I would like names of people you think were unfairly banned.  Most of the bans I have seen recently have been completely justified, and if there are some that are not, I would be interested to know.


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