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There was a post on a DocTre81 video that said:

more NX bullshit lol wii u is dead, nintendo is dead.
2 days ago•18

Where DocTre81 replied:

+CervantesPR1 Actually Mario maker comes out this fri which is a better exclusive than anything Sony has coming this year.
2 days ago•11

Then a guy said:

Autodidactus Communitati
+Doctre81 Mario Maker better than Bloodborne? Wow dude
2 days ago•8

Where Tre said:

+Autodidactus Communitati Yup.
2 days ago•4

And THEN, BG said originally on the comments before making the video:

+Doctre81 doctors need to figure out what disease you nintendo fans have that prevents your mental mature growth to think a mario building game is better than bloodborne. Something is severely wrong with your development if you think all these games mainly made to appease to children is better than everything else. Something seriously happened in your mature development and its damn near autistic
2 days ago•9

BTW: Im quoting what originated the video, i know some mods are way too sensitive with this stuff.