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Acevil said:
AEGRO said:
I just left jail today (unbanned) i will stay the fuck away from this thread LOL

But i agree 100% with what BG said. I advice people to hear the ENTIRE video and not just read the title because it is not what mist of you are thinking.

P.D. That video was somewhat a response to DocTre81 (relative famous Nintendo Youtuber).

I'll take that into consideration, however I really don't think that is "Nintendo" if that is the case, that is something called addiction, it can exist with any company, and any brand. I'm busy with Destiny and maybe if I am extremely bored I will watch it. (So close to Taken King woot). 

Anyways I'm out, just saying OP or anyone, don't be close minded, because you have no idea how you might easily be perceieved in the general eye, since you are a gamer.

I applaud you for actually trying to have a conversation. Im excited for Taken King too. Maybe the story will be tolerable this time.

"Say what you want about Americans but we understand Capitalism.You buy yourself a product and you Get What You Pay For."  

- Max Payne 3