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My memory failed me slightly. Last 360 & PS3 numbers I had seen were through August 2007:

PS2: 1331k
PSP: 315k
360: 136k
NDS: 128k
PS3: 5k

Korea is the fourth column (Taiwan is the fifth column):

That would mean since August 360 has only sold 14k in Korea, and PS3 sold 45k. Average of 1750/month for 360, and 5625/month for PS3 since then. NDS has really taken off in Korea. We can see it's a big PC gaming market, and big handheld market too, but when it comes to home consoles, it's not as big as it could be.

PS2 has sold over 1m, but not 2m. NDS is probably closing in fast on PS2 now.