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Dianko said:
greenmedic88 said:
Koreans in general would be more likely to buy an American console over a Japanese console. Not because the Xbox brand is so strong over there, but because there is a deep seated cultural bias against Japanese products in Korea due to the history between the two nations.

This is not to say that Japanese things can't eventually become trendy as Korean things like TV shows and K-pop have in Japan.

But I think most failed to recognize the minimum likelihood that Korean console sales for the Wii would have any significant impact on overall global sales.

Plus, as it's been said repeatedly, Korea is still a PC nation when it comes to gaming.

People tend to be hypocrites though. Just as an extreme example, if a Megachurch pastor is willing to do meth and have sex with gay prostitutes, how likely do you think it is that someone with resentment toward Japan will buy what is considered the best gaming option? And keep in mind that while Korean pop culture has caught on in Japan, it still doesn't stop alot of Korea bashing going on there.

The cultural stigma against Koreans in Japan will likely never stop. It borders on institutionalized racism. Koreans living in Japan, even through the 90's, were considered second class citizens.

There is a similar cultural bias against the Japanese in Korea due to all the bad blood that happened during WWII and even dating all the way back to 16th century invasion attempts by Hideyoshi.