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mornelithe said:
Robert_Downey_Jr. said:

you are part of the public.  I guess you're calling your own opinion irrelevant

Your ego is the opposite of Tom Brady's balls it would seem

But seriously.  1919 Cincinnati Reds=2000-present Patriots.  

Same level of legitimacy.  Enjoy your meaningless titles that only you value now Pats fans.  The rest of us are living in reality.

No, my ability to read, is why I'm confident.  I didn't ask the NFL Network, ESPN, or anyone to carry the water for me.  I read every single document, which gives me a rather good position to make my own conclusions.  Plus, I've also got a Judge who not only overturned the ban, but referred to the charges as 'Alleged' in his ruling.  You know, that word people use when they feel it hasn't been proven, yet. :)

Compare this team to whatever you want, it really matters not.  All I gotta say is:

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speaking of South Park you should watch the episode on the Patriots

I am Iron Man