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MS's main concern has always been profit! They're even willing to lose market share to keep the console profitable...

So how is adding a Blu Ray player going to help them make money??

If the 360 w/ Blu Ray and the PS3 are the same cost then which do you think those 100 million Playstation 2 owners who havn't upgraded will choose??

(Hint: Starts with "P", and is somewhat B/C with PS2 games)

Can you imagine an Arcade SKU w/Blu Ray for $199??

What about the 18.5 Million consoles without Blu Ray Player, will they make Blu Ray and DVD versions of games?

Do we really expect MS to pay Sony royalties for every 360 w/Blu Ray player sold??

None of this makes any make sense, its the complete opposite of what we've seen from MS. Its stepping away from Digital services, its financing your competitor through royalties, its snubbing ALL their current customers, and most importantly for the bean counters at MS HQ - its INCREASING COST!

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