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We heard on March 6th 2008 that Sony was in talks with Microsoft about an Xbox 360 with a Blu-ray drive, then we heard on March 14th that Xbox 360 said no to Blu-ray as they wanted to focus on digital downloads. Just a couple of weeks after that we heard that Lite-On were going to develop a built-in Blu-ray Disc drive for a new model of Xbox 360, this is after Microsoft crushed the previous rumors.

Today its being reported from a Chinese newspaper called “Economic Daily News”, that Microsoft has ordered an Xbox 360 with internal Blu-ray drive from an Asustek subsidiary. The subsidiary is called “Pegatron Technology”, and they say the order has come direct from Microsoft.

When you hear many rumors like this from many sources, it tends to leave you thinking, “Something Blue is going to happen”. Microsoft did not deny the Lite-On Blu-ray rumor and they have not said no to this latest news. To add to the excitement, it’s also being said that the new Xbox 360’s with built-in Blu-ray drives could be shipping between July and September this year.

Since HD-DVD lost to Sony Blu-ray, it’s obvious that the 360 could do with some sort of Blu-ray option, internal or external. Now would 360 owners dump their current console for a new one with Blu-ray or are they happy with high definition downloads?

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