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TheGoldenBoy said:
ps3-sales! said:
TheGoldenBoy said:
It's stealing.

I don't believe I need to explain to you why stealing is wrong.

You are the reason why the 1% laughs at people. 

If you want to fork over $15 for that new music album or movie to makes millionaires  more millions, have fun.

I'm just not cheap or pathetic. Entertainment isn't a need, it's a want. I don't have to listen to music, play games or watch movies. I do it because I want to and thus pay for it. I'm willing fork over $15 if it's something I like and will enjoy. I have no problem with that.

Please. Give me a break lol. 

I'm sure you've never broken the law. Never drank underage. Never stolen anything or done any drug. Never lied, cheated, or done something you shouldn't have. 

You sound so robotic. "I don't have to listen to music, play games or watch movies". LOL. What a joke. I love games, but music is literally my life. One of my great passions. I love it to death. It is a need for me. (Obviously not the food, water, and shelter kind). So if I went broke yes I would pirate all my music. 

You must be great at parties. 

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