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arcane_chaos said:

AFC Playoffs #1-4 Broncos Patriots Colts Ravens
AFC Playoffs #5-6 Texans Bills - -
NFC Playoffs #1-4 Seahawks Packers Giants Saints
NFC Playoffs #5-6 Cowboys Lions - -
AFC Divisional Broncos Colts Patriots Broncos
NFC Divisional Seahawks Saints Packers Giants
AFC Championship Broncos Ravens - -
NFC Championship Seahawks Giants - -
Super Bowl Teams Broncos Giants - -
Super Bowl Winner Giants - - -


( also Rol didn't know what you meant by draft pick)

The worst team in the NFL gets the first draft pick in the following season, so you have to predict who will finish with the worst record in 2015.

You have a mistake in your bracket. The Broncos appear twice in the divisional playoffs. Looking at the championship game, it's obvious that the Ravens should take one of the two spots of the Broncos, but then we have both the #1 and the #4 seed advancing, even though they would play against each other because the #2 and #3 seed are still alive in the same round. This means that you are an idiot.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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