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Arlando909 said:
Gnizmo, I get what you're saying about skill, but I also agree that skill isn't the ultimate determining factor. Like I said, I sometimes have a stroke of bad luck. That doesn't mean it comes a whole bunch of time. But I think that the experience some people have varies. There will be times when absolutely nothing happens to me during a race, even while cruising first and there will be times when I'll be pummeled with items. I was just trying to add to the discussion, not trying to complain. I was just saying that sometimes there's a bit of luck that goes into the game as well as the player's own skill. I'm guessing you're incredibly skilled. I'm enjoying this discussion, though.

Good luck can always help you win. Bad luck will not always cause you to lose. You can overcome item variables with enough skill is my only point. The reason I jump on you is because it seemed like a good springboard to discuss the difference between someone who can beat the game and someone who has spent time mastering it. I just get frustrated at the over reaching claims other people make. If the game had no skill then there wouldn't be that guy who can whoop your ass everytime he plays.

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