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windbane said:
Gnizmo said:
Ajax said:
that is only right if your the only good player on the track brawl4life and the rest are n00bs cause if there are even just one or two other good players, the moment you get nuked so heavily 2nd and 3rd will take over.. so you can stay behind the number 1 waiting for it's imminent doom.. anyway, I need to play this game much more myself before I can comment better about it..

If you are in a race of people with equivalent skill then yes this can be true. Notice the disclaimer though. The more skilled racer will always win. The claim I am disputing is the game is too random and skill is not the ultimate determining factor.

It is absolute bullcrap that the person with the most skill always wins. If people are close in skill it can often come down to luck. You can constantly be trailing a guy for 2 and a half laps and all the sudden that person gets nailed by blue turtle shells and you win. It's been that way for several karts. I have heard from several souces that this Wii version has more ridiculous rubber-banding. brawl4life: yeah, I miss the custom items in DD...

If you are closely trailing him rather than having him increase his lead you are of equivalent skill clearly. Your laptimes would be identical, and the only real difference is he got an early lead.

I have heard from several sources that MK:Wii cures cancer. The rubber banding is no worse than ever.

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