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Coca-Cola said:
all of sudden I see a lot of 360 games on the best selling list.
Check it out if want to see good deals on 360 games.
Even COD4 is discounted.

I'm seeing alot of games on sale for both consoles. I already wen't over my 2 games a month rule lol.


Dark Sector (ps3) $40 (360) $50

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (360) $33 (ps3) $40

Timeshift (ps3) $33 (360) $40

Conflict: Denied ops (ps3/360) $33

The Club (ps3/360) $39

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (360/ps3) $39

Turok (ps3) $40

Army of Two (ps3) $50

Motorstorm (ps3) $50

Burnout Paradise (360) $50

Devil May cry (ps3/360) $50

Heavenly Sword (ps3) $50 

There are probably more on sale but this is all i'm listing right now. Remember, Buy from amazon through vgc store.