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generic-user-1 said:
ghost_of_fazz said:
Send it to Mexico, I give it about 6 hours.

mexico is in a war between corrupt law-enforcers and drug gangs, but they arent savages, you need alot of organisation for a death squad...

im pretty sure it would survive all the journey

Oh honey

you know, the usamericans are very criminal, allmost 1% of them is sitting behind bars.  so why you think that mexicans are more danger for the little robot? they have far less criminals(less than half the prison population per capita)

Two things:

1. Prison population =/= Violent Crime Rate. Take away all the non-violent criminals in U.S prisons (people who smoke weed or don't pay child support) and the percentages become quite infinitesimal.

2. Fazz is Mexican, if I recall correctly.