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Ryng_Tolu said:
I don't undestand why the people are so exctited bout fantasy numbers.
Guys, do you at least know how ioi put the numbers? he just write he's estimate in this site, and stop.
Why are so extited about the estimate of one guy, that usually are so wrong?

They are pretty damn close and that's the whole point to this site.

they are PRETTY CLOSE hu?


This is the UK software sales for the first half of 2015.

Now, what say VGChartz?

PlatformYearly (change)Total
PS4 3,035,252 (-56%) N/A
X360 2,756,236 (-74%) N/A
XOne 2,197,392 (-61%) N/A
PS3 1,850,883 (-73%) N/A
3DS 885,019 (-68%) N/A
Wii 867,519 (-63%) N/A
PC 852,150 (-70%) N/A
DS 787,477 (-59%) N/A
WiiU 589,065 (-64%) N/A
PSV 322,037 (-65%) N/A
PSP 153,587 (-51%) N/A


PS4, pretty close, ok

XBO, still close, ok

360, MASSIVE overtracked

PS3, MORE THAN DOUBLE overtracked

3DS, again massive overtracked

Wii... oh. my. god. OVERTRACKED BY 650%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, 650%!!!!!!! 0_O

Wii U, massive overtracked

PSV, nearly triple overtracked


Now. Seriusly... i mean... and this is just a example.


We want talk about the pre-NPD numbers? and even after that, many numbers are still massive wrong.