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RubberWhistleHistle said:

So I made a thread asking where the hell the sales were about a month ago, and everyone said, "they're updating, asshole"

Lo and behold, within a week,we were all up to date and I thought I had my favorite site back. But guess what? We got nothing since then. You guys had me believing that ioi and company had their shit together, but I guess not. I haven't seen any threads about this lately, and I don't want you people becoming complacent, so I'm here to remind you to start bitching about sales again because it's horse shit that there is nothing in July. Seriously guys. I feel lost without knowing how everything is doing.  

Atleast we resently got Shipped numbers from end of June, around 25.3million units shipped.

Subtract about 900k, and by the end of june, the PS4 probably sold around 24.4 million or so.