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ktay95 said:
... Nintendo made a game to settle stupid arguments like this -__-

So that means Zero Suit Samus destroy's Link? LMAO okay... when I play her (she's my main)

noname2200 said:
As you point out, Samus has blown up multiple planets as a part of her job. Link, canonically, lost to the bad guy once and had to have Hyrule pulled out of the fire by an eclectic bunch which included a child, a agoraphobic geezer, and a fish.

Samus wins.

As an aside, where'd you get all that gravity stuff from? I've never heard anything like it. It doesn't make much sense either, to be honest.

Wiki or not... http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Zebes

Also the game proves my point. Tallon IV is even heavier!

Pretty much point proven there xD