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I know this is a debate that we've seen a million times! However I've made a bet with a friend and it's time to settle this once and for all on VGchartz! I am a HUGE fan of both series so lets set the fanboyism aside and take a look at reality.

 I say that Samus at her prime would beat Link at his prime! My friend says otherwise and comes up with bullshit scenarios like Magic armor and Nayru's Love. Even with that... he would last 3 days in total in which he's getting slapped around like a little bitch from her insanely powerful knockbacks. To make it simple, I say fuck it Sonic Boom the mofo and it's GG. There is nothing in Link's arsenal that could scratch or even survive a shot like that. The hyperbeam is a great killshot but there is nothing that would fuck Link's day up nor defend him from being ripped apart from the fabric of time and space itself. Plus if you think Link can hide.... Samus has something called the echo visor which would spot the kid wherever he goes he's still going to get ripped apart. Samus is seriously OP as hell and did I mention that Samus is an 85 tonner heavy lifter and is 198 lbs without her suit, WTF right? The planet Zebes gravitational pull is 960 times that of Earth's which means her suit can withstand ridiculous amounts of gravitational pull that would turn Link into a pancake in less than a nano-second. Tallon IV has an even greater pull than that. This makes Samus so OP to the point she's one of the most overpowered characters in gaming and is capable of practically insta-gibbing Link......

Making a wish with the Tri-force DOES NOT count! Then again he needs to find all the pieces and Samus would just slap the shit out of him every step of the way. So this is not only impossible, it'll distract him and guarantee his loss! Just like the joke I made to my friend that Samus would just blow up the planet that Link is on and fly away... oh wait! Didn't she blow Planet SR-388 the fuck up? Hell, screw it.... this woman can be complete bitch at times. Some of her feats are retardedly ridiculous!

She obliterated the following:
2 Pirate ships
4 Planets
1 Dimension
3 Space Stations
1 Element
2 Species (Metroids and Space Pirates)

This bitch much be competing with Frieza or some bullshit.... It's safe to say Samus would roflstomp Link hands down once you put everything in consideration. Oh and did I mention he can just Sonic Boom the kid? So someone enlighten me if they think otherwise that Link could beat Samus.