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Aragami said:
With a 50$ pricecut, and the SW and BLOPS3 Bundle, the Ps4 can sell more units than the xbone in the US in the holiday season

It would take more than $50 for the PS4 to beat the XB1 in the US this year. Microsoft basically sold the XB1 last year at $329 all season long + bundled games, and as low as $279 with throw ins on Black Friday.

With the permanent price cut, you'll be seeing them selling the XB1 for $300 base (with bundled games) and as low as $250 with throw ins on Black Friday.

On top of that, XB1 has become to goto teenager console this generation (anecdotally). Most of it was carryover from last generation 360 fans -- but teens are more likely to buy what their friends have than adults. Also, consumers have a tendendancy to rush out and buy products they wouldn't otherwise as long as the percieved value is high enough. Last year the XB1 was such a value that as a sony fanboy -- i was even telling people it was a tempting deal and to go for it. $400 + Game -> $329 + 2 Games + $50 Gift Card.