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Those saying Batman can beat Superman need to listen again to the death battle. There not picking different points in each characters time line. Batman beat Superman 1 time and he utilises his weakness to his advantage which Goku would never do which was stated in there very first match.

The death battle is about putting both characters at there full potential against each other. Batman wont beat Superman at his full potential and without the help of kyronite which later in Supermans time line actually becomes immune to it.

Again Superman has lost battles before, as I recall, Doomsday, Batman and He-man have beaten Superman, however this isn't about the past its about them at there very best which no being has beaten Superman.

Don't understand why people keep thinking otherwise that Goku would win. He doesn't have the fire power to kill Superman and even if he manage to he would end up destroying more then just the planet and killing himself in the process and that's not even a guarantee Superman would die from it.